Scenario of IT in Dang



Dang District is Hub point of Rapti zone geographically located in mid-western region of Nepal. Dang Valley is known as the biggest valley of South Asia. There are so many people with different views and ideas. The background of spreading Information Technology in Dang is old but not matured. It means, zeal people started to develop nexus of IT but didn’t succeed due to many reasons at that time. In the mean time, people started to emerge computer knowledge with different aspects. Many Computer Institutes are running different packages of computer courses. Many Higher Secondary Schools (eg. Padmodaya Public, Gorkha Int’l, Public Gyanjyoti) are running High School level computer science courses. More than 40 Boarding Schools have been teaching computer science compulsory. 15/29 months CTEVT JCT (Junior Computer Technician), 4 years BSc. CSIT, BBA, BCA programs have been running and producing hundreds IT related students every year. There are so many zeal, energetic pupils who are researching themselves in the field of Information Technology. We can find that there are more than 100 websites running from Rapti origin. That is why, we can say that Dang is virgin zone for Information Technology.

Strength of IT in Dang

Dang is beautiful place to live. That’s why many people are staying for their own purpose. The scope of Information Technology in Dang is very good. Positive aspects of IT in Dang are as follows:

  • Many schools, colleges and Institutes are running Computer related courses.
  • New energetic, enthuastic people/students are found in this area.
  • People always wants to know something new in the field of IT.


Weakness of IT in Dang:

Dang is geographically located in the western part of Nepal. It is far in distance from Capital Kathmandu and main export zone eg. Bhairahawa, Biratnagar. We can list the weakness of IT in Dang as follows:

  • Geographically far from Capital with Load Shedding problem,
  • Not so big bazzar like Kathmandu and Birgunj,
  • newly learning in the field of IT not civilized like Capital city.


Opportunities of IT in Dang:

Dang is virgin District for emerging IT. There so many possibilities of Information Technology in this area. Some opportunities are:

  • New learner may know about new technology (eg. Google Developers Group activities) and apply it in their practices.
  • It may link up people of different classes which will help to develop, emerge and promote this field.
  • Programmers, Developers, Innovators may join in this field/session/group.

Threats of IT in Dang:

Where is there is merit there is demerit also. There is no doubt that Dang is very good zone for emerging/launching new technology, running programs and taking partnership with all fields. To make it beautiful frame for emerging of It in Dang we have some threats as mentioned below:

  • Making assure those people who wants to know about new trends and innovations.
  • Gathering all classes of interested people in a basket of Technology.
  • Creating good opportunity to learn and share new innovative ideas and experiences.
  • Attracting new generations to the innovation of Information Technology.
  • Managing alternative options of electricity, communication gap and technology transfer.



Information and Communication Technology is newly emerged idea of human beings. It makes our life easy by connecting with the world, developing new technologies, delivering ideas and creating new opportunities. Dang District can be emerged as ICT zone if we try to something from our side as we can.


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